Protel Survey is a web-based customer questionnaire tool which allows you to create, conduct and analyze individual customer surveys quickly and easily.

Protel Survey

Create it once, use it for all media

  • Invite guests to participate in your survey via email,
    text, social media or on your hotel website
  • Plan special “one-time only” or constantly used
    standard surveys
  • Choose from several question types (for example
    multiple choice or free text questions)
  • Create surveys in your hotel design by easy logo and
    color adjustments
  • Use protel Messenger to automatically send survey
    invitations (e.g. two days after check-out)
  • Automatically redirect guests who completed with a
    predefined score to a hotel ranking site

protel Survey | A protel Cloud Solution

protel Survey is a cloud module designed for the hybrid use with protel SPE or MPE. It can be conveniently set up in the protel Cloud Center, the central administration tool for all protel Cloud Modules used in a hotel. Here you can design your questionnaires by choosing from several different question types, typing in your questions, and customizing the design. Select the guests you want to address directly from your protel database by using your protel VIP and/or marketing codes or other filters like the date of the stay. The returned answers are presented in the individual guest profiles and in the protel Cloud Center for an overall evaluation.