Protel Business Intelligence

Strategic business planning Decisions for tomorrow based on today’s and yesterday’s data

Protel Business Intelligence

The hotel’s daily routines generate a vast amount ofdata. protel Business Intelligence (protel BI) structures and categorizes your data in such a way that later references, relationships and connections can be established. Critical information, retrospects and prognosis are presented in comprehensible graphs and serve as a basis for decision-making.

protel Business Intelligence retrieves all data on your business transactions directly from your protel hotel management system. The tool analyzes both current and historical data, which, viewed separately, have little informative value, and generates a comprehensive system of interdependent and complementing

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Business planning with statistics and forecasts

protel Business Intelligence displays interdependencies between information on reservations, revenues, room nights, RevPAR, customer types, reservation variables, marketing segmentations and so on. Critical information is displayed in clearly structured tables and/or comprehensible graphs.